People tell you a lot about China: the country, the people, the politics, the language, the culture . . .

But, how many of these people have come any closer to China than their local Chinese take-away restaurant?

Since first visiting China in 2005 and then establishing my company in China in 2006, I have come to realize that much of the information about China is somewhere between misinformation and disinformation. Deliberate or otherwise, people are getting the wrong impression about a lot of things.

While I don’t promise to give you the 100% truth about China, I’ll try and dispel some of the common knowledge that is more fiction than fact. Then again, China is a big place and I don’t believe there is anything 100% true that can be said about the entire country.

I’ll also try and explain how some of the preconceptions I had about China before I visited and after I had only been there a short time have changed over the last five years.

Again, I don’t promise for it to be an absolute explanation. My opinions about China change with the amount of time I spend there. Then again, China is changing as well, and quickly!

Either way, it has to be better to know more than less about a country that is having a great affect on the global economy: an affect that is only going to increase with time.