Only one week after my last visit to the beach and already the number of people has noticeably increased. The number of tourists from inland cities as well as the number of locals has increased, but the most obvious difference is the increase in the people setting up their equipment ready to provide services and ways for the tourists to amuse themselves. While the water temperature is still a little low for swimming, there are plenty of things to do. You can go for a ride in a boat, or just play on the beach.

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(1) Enjoying the warm sand with the protection of a parasol

(2) How about a ride along the beach in a tractor?

(3) Jump in a boat and go for a ride.

(4) Just playing in the sand is fun enough for some!

(5) Walking barefoot, so just leave your shoes on the beach and walk

(6) You can also leave a message, until the tide comes in again . . .