As my consulting business in China became busier and projects for both the PRC central government and local government offices increased, a number of people pointed out that some of my blog posts could be taken as somewhat anti-Chinese. As a result, I decided to take a break from posting for a while.

Fast forward four years . . .

I originally established a consulting company in China in order to accomplish the following.

  1. Study the Chinese language
  2. Establish and run a company in China
  3. Better understand the lifestyle and customs in China
  4. Learn about the differences between the tax laws and normal business practices in Japan and China
  5. Experience the problems encountered by Japanese companies operating in China
  6. Make more Chinese friends
  7. Travel to various regions around China

I believe that I managed to accomplish all of my goals to some extent during the ten years from 2006, and also realized that I preferred living in Japan to living in China. As a result, I decided to shut down and dissolve the Chinese company.

After returning to Japan, I thought more about the type of work I’d been doing for the last few years, and realized that while the name of the company (Hyman Translations) was fine for the translation and printing work for which it was started twenty years ago, it was no longer suitable for the business consulting which now accounted for a majority of my time. Accordingly, I changed the company name to Hyman International.

While my work continues to take me to various places, I’m now back in Japan for most of the time and shall occasionally post about episodes from the last few years as well as day to day observations.