Why not? After deciding to spend a year in Japan, the next thing to do was look for somewhere to work. I soon received three offers of employment as an English teacher.

  1. A small town in Saga Prefecture (JET program)
  2. A small private school in Fukuyama
  3. A large private school in Tokyo

As I new absolutely nothing about Japan at the time, I opened a map to look for the three locations.

Saga Prefecture looked very green on the map, and I imagined somewhere with few buildings. Tokyo I knew as the capital, and I really didn’t want to spend my time in a large international city where I imagined a lot of people would speak English. As for Fukuyama, it wasn’t on the map, but a little research told me that it was midway between the town in Saga Prefecture and Tokyo, both in size and geographically. So, I picked the one in the middle: Fukuyama.

At the time, I only planned to stay in Japan for a year, and was sure that I could easily move to another city if I didn’t like, or got bored with, Fukuyama. I simply haven’t got bored with it yet!