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English that leaves a bad taste in your mouth

This is from a menu at Fukuoka airport. It’s enough for you to lose your appetite. [ Click for a larger image ]

Survival game in the PRC (Qingdao)

Apart from it being cold, and half of the organizers being Chinese ex-military, the scary thing was that this was in a normal park with people walking their dogs or going for strolls with their kids.

The beach on Phuket

This is a panorama made from seven photos. While the New Year in Japan must have been very cold, the weather on Phuket was ideal . . . [ Click for a larger image ]

Guarantees in China #1 (Mobile phone)

I’ve bought many things in several countries and there is almost always a one-year guarantee. Recently, when you buy an electrical product in Japan, the store offers an extended guarantee up to five years. For example, in the town where I live, I buy my electrical products in a store that offers a free five-year guarantee for any purchase of 5,000 JPY or more. This means I can make my purchases knowing that I’ll be able to use them for at least five years. Even with just the manufacturers one-year guarantee, since an electrical product that is faulty is likely to malfunction in the first twelve months. During my first …

First dive of 2011

Since we have come to Phuket (Thailand) for our vacation this year (22nd Dec. to 8th Jan.), we decided to go diving for the day. It had been a while since we had been diving, but it was like getting back on the proverbial bicycle, and the water was warm! I’ll sort out some more photos soon . . .

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