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Brian Hyman
Born in 1968 in the UK. After spending a year studying at a university in Greece, he graduated in chemistry from the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1991. He then spent six months travelling in Nepal, India and Thailand before arriving in Japan in 1992. Although initially only intending to spend one year in Japan and then returning to the UK to join the foreign office, he decided to remain in Japan. After working as a coordinator and Japanese to English translator at a translation company, he left to work as a freelance translator in 1997 and then established Hyman Translations Limited in 2000.

In 2006, he established a consulting company, Hyman Consulting Incorporated (HCI), in Qingdao (PRC). For the next 10 years, HCI provided consulting and localization services to both Chinese and Japanese companies in China as well as consulting services to various departments of the local government.

Having transferred the consulting services of HCI to Hyman Translations in Japan, and utilizing his experience and knowledge gained during his decade in China, he is now helping Japanese companies improve their international businesses.

Having moved from the UK to establish a business in Japan, gone to China and established a business there, he returned to Japan to focus on assisting companies experiencing problems with communication between Japan and other countries. In 2016, he changed the name of his Japanese company to Hyman International so that it was a closer match to the services being provided.

In addition to English and Japanese, he has a working knowledge of Chinese and several other languages, and has a strong background in the sciences and computing. He keeps himself up-to-date in a wide range of subjects and new technologies.

Over the last three decades in Japan he has been involved in various industry associations and developed wide networks having been president of the non-profit organization Japan Association of Translators (JAT) and a director of the Japanese Printing Industry Association.

He enjoys scuba diving and has gained qualifications such as the Nationally Licensed Marine Diver, first-class boat operator’s permit and dive master certificate. He also enjoys photography, travel in Japan and overseas.

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