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Problems with overseas customers

Solving vs. preventing

For many years we’ve been called upon to help clients “put out fires” which have developed in their dealings with overseas customers or suppliers. While this fire-extinguishing service may have been of use to, and appreciated by, our clients it has almost always seemed too little too late.

For this reason, our focus has changed from “putting out fires” to preventing them from occurring.

With good planning and communication, the number of these fires (problems) can be reduced, and this will also greatly reduce the cost of dealing with them and the loss of business that results from them.




Communication efficiency

Open discussions

In any relationship, it is important to create an environment where people are comfortable to express themselves openly discuss issues before they develop into problems. International business relationships are no exception to this. Consideration of the other party and being able to see things from their point of view leads to a long-lasting and mutually profitable relationship. The key to this communication


Document creation and management


Efficiency is born from long-term thinking and planning. It is important to be able to differentiate between “investment” and “wasting” of time and resources.

We can help you improve your documentation management and the efficient conversion of your documents into other languages.



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