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Efficient use of email and website servers

Efficient use of email and website servers

Recently, email and websites had become the most popular way to contact people. With the ability to contact people anywhere in the world at any time, both society in general and commerce have been affected by them. While efficiency may have been improved, they had become a source of stress and, if not used well, they may result in much wasted time.

In addition to creating an email address for work and another private use, having a separate email address for each organization or company you deal with can greatly improve efficiency and reduce unwanted (spam or junk) emails.

Also, it is a great waste of resources to only put your website on your server.

By separating the various data that you have into (1) important data, (2) data you want to publish, (3) data you want to be accessible by all your staff, and (4) data you only want accessible by yourself, you can efficiently manage and control all your valuable data.

Furthermore, when you want to send somebody large files such as design data or presentations, instead of attaching the files to an email, you can upload the files to your server and simply include a link to them in the body of your email. This also enables you to update the file at any time without having to resend the email, and allows people to access the files when it is convenient for them.


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