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Interpreters are an invaluable tool for ensuring that all that can be achieved is achieved in any meeting, negotiation, or other discussion between parties that do not share the same mother tongue. At Hyman International we select an interpreter with the appropriate background and experience in the subject to be discussed as even an excellent command of the two languages is often not enough to get it right.

Negotiations often include confidential and sensitive information, and the ability to trust the interpreter is vital if you are going to be able to function as effectively as you could if the other party spoke your language.

In addition to meetings here in Japan, we are able to dispatch interpreters overseas or introduce you to a qualified, experienced, and reliable interpreter in your area.

Prices vary with the duration of the meeting, the amount of preparation required, and the subject matter to be discussed. Please contact us for details and advice on the best way to make your international meetings successful.

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