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Translation is the conversion of meaning from one language to another. It involves more than just words and grammar; it requires knowledge of the subject matter being written about, and the cultures of both the source and target languages.

Translation is much more than the simple replacement of words in one language for their dictionary equivalents in another. While lists of terminology and reference materials are used for many translations, much more important is the translator’s own experience in the field of the translation.

It would be very difficult for somebody with no medical knowledge to translate a paper for a medical journal no matter how many dictionaries were available. The translator must understand the original material as well as the person who wrote it. After all, the translator is about to rewrite it in another language so that it means the same and conjures the same emotions and images when read in either language.

The best translators are those that have real-world experience in the field in which they translate. That’s why Hyman International uses an extensive network of experienced professional translators that are able to fully understand the background to the text, and not simply rely on the words in the paper. They are able to ask intelligent questions and ensure that their translations are as accurate and well written as the originals they start with.

Contact us for details of the fields and language combinations we can handle. If, for any reason, we are unable to provide a quality translation of your original, we will give you advice as how to locate such a professional.

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