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Advice regarding negotiations

Advice regarding negotiations

Even within one country where all parties share the same language, there are regional differences between north and south, east and west, city and countryside, etc. The differences extend to local dialects where the same expressions have different meanings, different cultural biases, or a different emotional importance.

It is no surprise that the same applies when dealing with people from other countries.

Even though there will be differences between the various parties, it is always better to concentrate on the things you have in common. If you didn’t have things in common, you wouldn’t be negotiating, and it is these similarities that brought you together in the first place on which you should focus.

When negotiating with people from other countries, the customs, common sense, and way of thinking of each party will always influence the outcome. Furthermore, it is often necessary for at least one party to be negotiating in a second language.

Why it is obviously important to keep your goals in mind, it is equally important to understand the situation the person is in and what is important to them. By understanding the other party and their priorities, you can help negotiations proceed smoothly and increase the probability of achieving your goals.

Both parties need to understand the payment conditions, scope of any guarantees, and how problems will be dealt with if they should arise.

We can help you look at the big picture keeping the following in mind.
1. The position and goals of both parties
2. Maximizing your profit without exposing the other party to unnecessary risks
3. Establishing terms that will enable a mutually profitable and long-term relationship

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