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If you want to convert your existing website into another language, look no further. At Hyman International we will put a team together to work on your website translation so that you can be sure that you will get a professionally constructed website in the language of your choice.

After the contents of the website are translated and checked, the existing text will be replaced with the translation. However, in addition to simply replacing the text, we will ensure that the website displays correctly in the target environment, and that the design is suitable for the target audience.

For example, pages that include graphics with vertically written Japanese text, will be converted to allow the translation to fit when entered horizontally. Also, as the volume of text tends to increase or decrease when translated, we adjust the size of the images and banners, etc. to keep the overall balance of the design.

The recent trend is to have one website that can be seen on a computer, tablet or smart phone in a way best suited to that device (a responsive website). You no longer need multiple sites, as the website will recognize the device being used and display the content accordingly.

Please contact us for details of the languages and software options available.

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